How to make it right – Flirting tips: Women get around, help and advice

This chapter is very important. OK. You have done it now. You have an old one. Your problem is that they are stressing you or you just do not want them anymore. Shooting a woman is not that hard. You just can not report or face another in front of your eyes. Both bad variants.

We all know, from good experience, that many women are not very interesting. To be honest, they are stinking boring.

They go shopping and talk. Half of her blabber is now about shopping. Well. How does she spend the other 10 hours of her day? She will talk about you. She’ll say what a stupid asshole you are, after all, you have not contacted yourself for two weeks. Her friends agree. So the chickens decide to go partying tonight. When they arrive at the club, they see you kissing around with a horny bunny. Shit ran. Not only that you will not have a chance with your former one anymore. Which is not really bad, because you wanted to get rid of them anyway. The problem is that you’re so down with your girlfriends too, that you can never land with them or their girlfriends.

With that you have screwed up with a lot of potential victims, although everything is much easier.
Be elegant. Be a gentleman. Of course, if you dump them, it’s up to you. She is not guilty. Be so kind as to tell her in person. But she knows during the conversation again, that you wanted to tell her personally.

Lies her something. Tell her you’re still hanging on to your ex. You do not want to bind yourself right now, even though she’s a great woman. Say you’d better end it now because you do not want to hurt her any more. Tell her you find it hard. Here you can really let your creativity play. You could also be transferred abroad and if you happen to meet her somewhere, just go on vacation. The easiest way is of course, when you say that you just do not fit together. But tell her, what a super-crazy woman she is. You know how women crave compliments.

The hardest part will be not to laugh while you serve up the lies. A long nose will not grow you either. Luckily you’re not a fairytale character.

If you’ve dumped the old woman now sovereign and polite, she will rather tell her friends something good about you. We all know that every woman has a horny girlfriend. Now you even have chances in the. You seem to be a correct guy.

And when it comes to the rough and you need mattress sports again, you just resort to the chick that you have dumped. You should always keep each affair warm. At some point you can use every woman again. Write them SMS now and then. Ask her how she is doing, what the school or the job is doing.
If you meet an ex somewhere, then politely greet her. Ask her what she’s doing, how she’s feeling, if she has a boyfriend. If not, suggest that you do something together again. To the cinema or something.
Congratulate them on their birthday. Give them a little something for one to two euros. A flower, for example, but no rose. By no means a red rose.