Dating Vs. Casual dating – what do you prefer?

As a ghost dating agency, we offer our ghost dating services for both dating and finding erotic meetings. So be honest with yourself right from the start and think carefully about what you want. A serious relationship? Or do you want to keep your freedom and not commit yourself? Below we will briefly show you the differences between Online Dating and Casual Dating.

Online Dating – Find a Dating Partner

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular. More than 7 million singles now use the Internet for dating (see There are already hundreds of online dating portals. We have the overview and know on which platform we can register you with your personal wishes and goals. In general, a differentiation is made between dating sites and dating sites in the online dating service:
Single exchanges are usually aimed at a target group between 20 and 45 years.
Partner exchanges, on the other hand, tend to specialize in a target group aged 35 or over.
We’ll create a profile for you on a matching single or partner exchange and start partnering for you. And you can sit back and let us work for you.
Afterwards you will receive from us a lot of information about your potential partners and we will send you the dates or telephone numbers that you have booked with us.
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Find casual dating partners (erotic meeting)

On the other hand, if you are not looking for a solid relationship but are looking for an erotic adventure, we can support you as well. Because we know that it is not easy to find a suitable partner through casual dating. Be it for a one-night stand, a long-lasting affair, an affair or just an erotic adventure.
In addition to the single and partner exchanges, there are also casual dating portals on the Internet, which are all about erotic contacts. We will be pleased to announce you on a suitable casual dating portal for you and then find suitable partners who would like to meet with you.
We also guarantee the dates and telephone numbers for casual dating to the extent that you have booked with us. Of course, your anonymity comes first for us.
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