5 Must Read Dating Tips for Guys

If you want to attract a woman you need to begin that process by diving headfirst into the mind of women. That sounds daunting, doesn’t it? It’s no surprise to you or any other man that women and men are dramatically different. They don’t see the world through the same set of eyes that men do. If you want to seduce a woman it all begins with her brain.

Men are logical. Again, that’s information you already knew. Women are logical too but in a much different way. A woman’s mind isn’t nearly as analytical as a man’s. Women are much more emotional in their logical way of thinking. If they aren’t feeling something in particular, the logical part of their brain just isn’t going to be engaged. That’s why it’s essential that you understand from the get-go how to appeal to the emotional part of a woman.
In order to have the best possible chance with any woman of your choosing, you need to understand the five basic rules of dating:

Let Your Presence Be Known

We’ve all seen the romantic movies where a couple-to-be locks eyes across a crowded room. Don’t rely on fate to get the woman of your dreams. If you spot someone you find incredibly attractive, go talk to her. Don’t wait around for the perfect moment. You have to create that moment yourself. Walk up to her, introduce yourself and she’ll immediately know you’re interested. It also gives her the chance to reciprocate the interest or make up an excuse for why she can’t talk to you.

Caveat to this method: Don’t be pushy. If you say hi and tell her your name and she ignores you, move on. No one likes a guy who can’t take a subtle, or not-so-subtle hint. Keep your manners about you and you’ll do just fine.

Lead the Conversation

Regardless of everything we’ve heard about how women want to take control of their relationships, they still need a man to lead the conversation. When you approach a woman, have something ready to begin the dialogue. It may have something to do with the venue you’re in or perhaps there’s a big news story that has caught everyone’s attention. That may sound lame but if you can begin a conversation on a subject that she feels comfortable with, she’ll be much more receptive to spending more time with you.

Caveat to this method: Don’t talk over her. If you bring up the big game that’s currently playing on the tv screen in the bar you’re both in, don’t be deterred if she starts talking about something else altogether. Once you’ve set the conversation in motion, let her take it in the direction she needs to take it. You don’t want her to immediately see you as overpowering and aggressive.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

It’s hard to resist the temptation of a beautiful woman but body language speaks volumes when you first meet. As much as you may think it’s okay to reach out and touch her elbow or place your hand on her back, she may actually take that as a threatening sign. Respect her space when you two first meet and let her guide you towards what she’s comfortable with. Granted, showing some interest is inevitably going to involve touching her, but let her determine when, where and how that happens.

Caveat to this method: Some women love the sense of touch and you might be in the company of a woman who reaches out to grab your hand or rest her hand on your knee. Obviously, you don’t want to pull back or deter her in any way when she’s showing this level of interest. Just let her lead the way and you’ll help her feel safe, respected and secure.

Be Authentically You

It’s tempting to want to pump up who you are, isn’t it? If you don’t have the job you want right at this moment, it may seem like a great idea to tell a woman you just met that you’re actually the CEO of your own company when you only work in sales at the moment. Don’t be dishonest about anything. It’s hard to always follow that rule when you want to impress a great woman, but let’s be realistic. If you tell one small lie to get her attention, it may turn into something insurmountable when you two get serious. The moment she realizes that you weren’t being your genuine self with her; she’ll bolt for the door.

Caveat to this method: There’s no reason or advantage to share more than you need to on the first few dates. Hold back a bit on your history and the inner workings of your heart and mind until you two get to know each other better.  Laying your entire history, hopes and dreams in her lap too soon will likely scare her away. Let the anticipation of getting to know you build.

Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

It’s been said that we all feel our most confident when we’re in familiar and safe surroundings. As you venture into the exciting world of building a connection with the woman you’re interested in, don’t venture too far off your own personal path. You’re going to impress her more and keep her engaged if you spend time with her in places you feel most at home. You may think it’s a great idea to book a table at the trendiest new restaurant but if you’ve never been there, you may just be too preoccupied by all the new sensations to totally invest yourself in your date.

Caveat to this method: As your bond grows, it’s great to be spontaneous so try new things at this point. One of the best ways to capture and keep a woman’s attention is by showing her what your world has to offer. Once you feel confident in her interest, surprise her in every way you possibly can. Women love feeling as though the men who adore them, would move heaven and earth to see a smile on their face.

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