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We are a ghost writing agency that specializes 100% in the online dating market. We create profiles for you on dating agencies or dating sites (on request also at casual dating providers) and get to know suitable partners for you on your behalf.

With us you can outsource online dating. Our offer is aimed at anyone who has no time or no desire to take care of online dating. You can also benefit from Ghost Dating if you simply do not dare to step into written communication. We take over every phase of the online dating for you, so that you can later devote yourself to the pleasant and exciting part: the first date.
The phases of online dating include:
Pick out the right online dating site
Log in on the platform or on multiple platforms
Working out a suitable profile that makes others curious
Looking for potential partners
Cover letter of the potential partners

Write a lot of messages, which at first often just go nowhere and chat with potential partners

Arranging a meeting after potential partners have been found due to intense communication
What we offer:

Due to our many years of experience, we know the online dating sites inside out. That’s why we can tell you which provider best suits your needs.
We will conduct a detailed telephone conversation with you, in which we will get a first impression of you. On this basis, we create your individual, appealing profile for you.
You will receive your preliminary profile via e-mail, so that you can have a look at it and let us make improvements if you wish.

We set up a user account for you on the corresponding platform.
We are looking for you for partners or partners – according to your wishes and ideas
If we have found a suitable partner, we will write it on your behalf (Note: the person you write will not realize that this is not really yours personally) and online dating sites nowhere your name appears, at most your first name on request, ie we represent you anonymously and seriously)

Then we try as fast as possible to make a date or to get the phone number (because many people want to talk to you personally before they get involved in a date)
Finally, you will receive from us:
the contact details of the person
the entire conversation logs
a guide on how to engage in the conversation and what topics you can do well (for example, because of commonalities).
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