Things To Do And Avoid When You Want To Get A Girlfriend

Even confident guys tend to break a bit of a sweat when they see an attractive woman that they wish to approach. With some understanding about women though, you can see an attractive woman, approach her approach and get a girlfriend without all the nervousness.

It is important to immediately come off as someone interesting.

Think beforehand about things you can talk about. It can be something funny or witty about a recent news happening, a movie, a book, a place or something you can engage her about. Do not reveal so much about yourself and make sure you do not come off sounding desperate. Instead of asking for a number, ask for an email address so you can forward her something. Just take a new approach.

The right kind of touch can tilt the balance and make a woman yours. Do not give the idea that physical intimacy is the end goal. Read her and the situation and act accordingly. Make it a light peck on the cheek and a light hug when she is pensive and push it a little further when she is relaxed and most likely to be receptive.

As you spend time with her, take her cue about getting more intimate. She will subconsciously let you know by sitting really close to you, she will want you to step into her place after you have been out and she may even be the one to reach for you. If you are interested in a woman for a committed relationship, hold off with getting intimate.
Find ways to create anticipation as well. Go beyond the usual in dates and come up with more creative things to do. Suggest bungee jumping, sign up for a marathon and train for it together. Keep her interested with the ideas you have for your dates.

It may sound like a contrast of terms but go away to stay on her mind.

Show her you are interested with constant communication for a couple of weeks and then drop it. See if she looks you up and suggests a date or wonders where you are.

Also, take advantage of the internet to get a girlfriend through online dating sites. There are sites where you are likely to get serious women who are also looking for serious or long term relationship. Post the best photo of yourself you can and a profile that is witty and fun and wait to get responses from all quarters. Carefully sift through the pack to find your best choices. Meet the ones you find most attractive and then choose the Cinderella who is the best fit for you.

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