Try Not Making Big Mistakes After Breaking Up With Your Ex

During the process of a break up, you are bound to be in a sensitive state and delicate decision making should probably be avoided. Things won’t be very easy and it may be a little difficult to get your ex back if this is what you decide to do.

We all make mistakes, but it will be a good idea to not make the wrong mistakes during this crazy time.

During a breakdown from your break up, two mistakes you want to avoid are drunk dialing and text message overload. You don’t want to make matters worse by saying things you shouldn’t at such a sensitive time for both of you.

1. Too many texts:

too many text and calls in period of time, but if done in moderation, it’s not a problem.
Even if the calls and texts are done over time and spread out, you could still really mess things up for yourself with your ex. If they are calling or texting you, you shouldn’t be calling or texting them. That is unless you want to add to the tension and lessen the chances of getting your ex back.

2. Drunk phone calls:

be less concerned with the quantity and more with what you may actually say. This kind of call will happen after drinking and feeling low on yourself.
It may not seem this way to you, but your ex will take this as weakness and desperation. To you it will seem like a good idea because you fill you are putting yourself out there and pouring your heart out.

Try to keep from doing either of the above. I know it will be hard, but that person will have your respect the next day and most importantly, you will have your own. If you find yourself picking up or about to hit send on that message or that call, think of the consequences and put the phone back down. Don’t kill yourself and your dignity from call or text overload.

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